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Privacy policy:

Full privacy policy can be read here: Legal
  • After extracting data from the screenshot you send, the extracted data will be stored and the screenshot will be deleted.
  • Agent Stats does not give anyone except yourself access to your data without your permission (groups and sharelist for example).
  • Agent Stats does not sell your email to anyone, though we might use it to provide you important service information.
  • Agent Stats make use of Google OAuth to authenticate users. Agent Stats request the following permissions:
    • "Know who you are on Google" is standard and not currently used by Agent Stats.
    • "Access your email address" is used for verification.
  • Agent Stats are not in any way affiliated with Niantic, Inc. and does not interact in any way with their servers.
  • By using our service you agree that we use cookies to give you the best experience. We make use of cookies according to the following list:
  • Agent Stats currently stores your data in Germany and obey German Internet Laws. We reserve the right to change this at any time without further notice.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without further notice if you abuse the service.
  • You have the right to be removed completely from our database by emailing [email protected]
  • You have the possibility to change the email associated with your Agent Stats account by emailing [email protected]

Development team:

  • android: @Euji, @Jakolcz, @tscherz, @shellstrom
  • iOS: @pql
  • www: @Aiyub, @cebreus, @Euji, @moriakaice, @Mygius, @pql, @swantzter, @threethreefour, @Trihga

Translations (if you want to help translating, or report an error in a translation, please do it in the translations community):

  • Catalan: @Oxilium
  • Czech: @cebreus
  • German: @Aiyub, @derda17, @F63NNKJ4, @LindenerButjer, @shockbase
  • English: @Euji
  • Spanish: @Oxilium, @rjwut
  • French: @Euji
  • Hungarian: @Bembee
  • Indonesian: @zaons
  • Italian: @4nte
  • Japanese: @toyokun
  • Polish: @moriakaice, @Mruchan
  • Portuguese: @jomr
  • Serbian: @tixomir
  • Russian: @uryevich, @ylos
  • Swedish: @swantzter
  • Ukrainian: @ylos
  • Chinese: @plex2, @SBZK